Ex Junior Springbok coach launches basketball at PLG Hartbeespoort Academy

Ex Junior Springbok coach launches basketball at PLG Hartbeespoort Academy

PLG Hartbeespoort Academy Christened their new basketball court this week, with enthusiastic boys and girls shooting hoops until the sun set, under the guidance of ex Junior Springbok coach (and PLG Head of School) Rob Wyatt-Minter.

Rob's passion for basketball – and his years of experience coaching both boys and girls in KZN – made him determined to introduce the sport at his new school before the end of his first year.

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PLG Schools: Out-reach project!

The Milk and Oats project is a charity drive proudly initiated by PLG Hartbeespoort Academy.  Since the beginning of this school, the students and staff wanted to bless their neighbouring school, Ennis Thabong, with food. Most of Ennis Thabong’s pupils come from homes not able to provide food. In 2009, a food drive started at our school were parents would come together once a month to make sandwiches for pupils at Ennis Thabong. Later, in 2012, we decided that donating Oats and Milk will be a much easier and more practical way to support the food drive. Since then, once every term, we dedicate a day to support this drive - coming together as a school to pray for Ennis Thabong and to gather then send off all the Milk and Oats that every student donated.



PLG Hartbeespoort Academy News: Raising the Academy Flag

Raising the PLG Hartbeespoort Academy Flag for the very first time ended up being a true goose-bump moment.
After the Monday assembly everyone went outside to celebrate their new flag.  The grade 7 chair persons raised the school flag and two grade 9 pioneers raised the national flag. Mr Rob Wyatt-Minter read a short citation and the ceremony ended off with the School Song and National Anthem.
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PLG Schools at Om die Dam Ultra Marathon

PLG Schools had a table with refreshments at the Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon, giving the runners something to drink along their way. Thanks to all the Parents, Students and Teachers that got involved!

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